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A non-run-on plastic protective cover is an alternative and economical protection of the sewage system of chambers with an opening of ≥ ø 400 mm against contamination, the inflow of rainwater, accidents. Laid directly on shaft pipes DN/ID 400. Resistant to erosion, weather conditions and environmental factors exploitation. Plastic covers do not damage roadway mowing devices. covers do not contain metal elements, it is not exposed to theft. For temporarily covering the holes in the TX/765/410/80 and TX/765/395/80 adapters before installing the drains. For use in communication engineering in the right-of-way in the excluded area, not loaded with pedestrian and vehicular traffic, highways, highways, on slopes.


INDEXWEIGHT [kg]IN. DIA. Dn [mm]OUT. DIA. Dz [mm]HEIGHT H [mm]HEIGHT H1 [mm]CLASS [kg]
INDEX: T4/400/NWEIGHT [kg]: 11,4IN. DIA. Dn [mm]: 491OUT. DIA. Dz [mm]: 389HEIGHT H [mm]: 124HEIGHT H1 [mm]: 26CLASS [kg]: 200


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