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Compensation rings (T1)

Product description

Compensation rings made from plastics are prefabricates used to build surface finials of manholes and drains with DN/ID internal diameter between 150mm and 180mm and height from 10mm to 150mm (in class D400). The broad dimensional scope of compensation rings allows to adjust the total height of manhole or sewage drain based only on the prefabricated elements.

Compensation rings are elements placed on choke, cover plate, relief cone and ring, ring, or upper element of manholes. Their task is to provide technological access to working chambers of the manholes and to ensure the correct support of installed manhole finials. They enable to correct and precisely refer the upper surface of manhole or drain finial to the road surface ordinate. TVR T System compensation rings are compatible among other with other manhole elements manufactured acc. To PN-EN 1917:2004, DIN 3034 p. 1 and 2, and DIN 4052. They supplement the height adjustment ability of standard concrete well systems and constitute an economic alternative for adjustment elements described in the standards mentioned above.

Compensation rings elements of TVR T System are intended for, among others:

  • adjusting the height of a manhole or rain water drain to the surface ordinate,
  • adjusting the inclination angle of manhole and street non-manhole drain finials,
  • securing the manhole or street drain shaft against the negative influence of cast-iron finial bodies subject to traffic loads,
  • securing the concrete elements (surface finials) againstthe negative influence of environmental factors,
  • installing a manhole finial, providing the whole loadbearingsurface of the body, and equal and tight supporton manholes made from concrete and plastics,
  • providing a construction support for other surface finialelements, such as: rings leading to self-levelling finials,foundation slabs, adapters placed under drains,
  • dampening, absorbing, and dispersing traffic vibrations.

Product groups


Flat and round compensation rings


Round compensation rings with external Edge


Flat and round compensation rings with assembly openings


Wedge and round compensation rings for adjustment of manhole and drain inclination angle


Compensation rings with chop for placement near kerb

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