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Surface, upper protective elements of water supply and gas street boxes are installed around the box on a compacted substructure or in a paved or bituminous surface or in a green area. They secure boxes against movement and facilitate the reference to paved surface.


INDEXWEIGHT [kg]LENGTH A=A' [mm]IN. DIA. Dn [mm]HEIGHT H [mm]IN. Dn [mm]
INDEX: TXO/340/205WEIGHT [kg]: 7,1LENGTH A=A' [mm]: 340IN. DIA. Dn [mm]: 205HEIGHT H [mm]: 80
INDEX: TXO/340/195WEIGHT [kg]: 7,2LENGTH A=A' [mm]: 340IN. DIA. Dn [mm]: 195HEIGHT H [mm]: 80
INDEX: TXO/340/145WEIGHT [kg]: 8,83LENGTH A=A' [mm]: 340IN. DIA. Dn [mm]: 145HEIGHT H [mm]: 80
INDEX: TXO/340/125WEIGHT [kg]: 9,0LENGTH A=A' [mm]: 340IN. DIA. Dn [mm]: 125HEIGHT H [mm]: 80
INDEX: TXO/340/195KWEIGHT [kg]: 7,9LENGTH A=A' [mm]: 340IN. DIA. Dn [mm]: 195x195HEIGHT H [mm]: 80


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