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Surface, upper plastic covering elements of street, water and gas boxes (according to DIN 3581 and DIN 3582) securing and stabilizing the position of street boxes. Covering elements make it easier to connect the paving stones and tiles to the street box. Laid on a compacted base as well as on semi-paving and bituminous surfaces and in green areas.


INDEXWEIGHT [kg]DN(mm)DZ(mm)H(mm)Support area (cm²)
INDEX: TXO/500/195KWEIGHT [kg]: 17,5DN(mm): 500DZ(mm): 195x195H(mm): 100Support area (cm²): 1030
INDEX: TXO/500/290KWEIGHT [kg]: 15,4DN(mm): 500x500DZ(mm): 290x290H(mm): 100Support area (cm²): 1000


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