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Universal relief cone for securing plastic inspection and rain chambers DN400 and DN425 with an outer diameter of the shaft pipe (up to ) DN/OD 475, topped with manholes/telescopic inlets DN 425. The construction of the cone provides both an additional cover for the connection of the telescopic pipe and the manhole shaft, as well as stress compensation in the near-surface area. In plastic rainwater chambers DN 400 and DN425, it supports the installation of adapters supporting the TVRT system for street inlets of the type 300x500, 500x500, 400x600 roadway, curb and roadway and self-levelling. The set consisting of the T3/480/425/P extraction cone and the adapter supporting the inlets from the TX/765 or TX/4052/10A product group ensures full relief, protection of the shaft of the plastic rainwater chamber from vertical and horizontal road loads and proper support of the inlet structure. The T3/480/425/P relief cone together with the T1/320/50 reducing ring can protect and relieve the shaft pipes of DN 400 manholes equipped with a sleeve seal (external diameter max. 480 mm) 400/315 and topped with manholes/telescopic inlets 315. For use in communication engineering in accordance with the above-mentioned purpose in the field of public roads without limits, internal roads and railway engineering structures without limits. In the traffic areas of groups 1-4, in class D400 according to PN-EN 124-1: 2015-07.


INDEXWEIGHT [kg]IN. DIA. Dn [mm]OUT. DIA. Dz [mm]HEIGHT H [mm]
INDEX: T3/480/425/PWEIGHT [kg]: 26IN. DIA. Dn [mm]: 425/480OUT. DIA. Dz [mm]: 580/680HEIGHT H [mm]: 185


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