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Adapter - leading ring for self-levelling manholes with external leading pipe diameter of Ø680÷695mm. Installed directly on T1/700 and T1/620 compensation rings and T3/615/BR and T3/680/BR relief cones. The installation of the adapter on T1R/625 group rings requires an application a T1/625/15 compensation ring, which allows to correctly refer structure, directly under the adapter. Adapter can be installed on concrete rings made acc. to DIN 4034, in configuration:

  1. TXS/710/80
  2. T1/625/15
  3. concrete rings


INDEXWEIGHT [kg]IN. DIA. Dn [mm]OUT. DIA. Dz [mm]HEIGHT H [mm]HEIGHT H1 [mm]
INDEX: TXS/710/80WEIGHT [kg]: 18,2IN. DIA. Dn [mm]: 710OUT. DIA. Dz [mm]: 870HEIGHT H [mm]: 80HEIGHT H1 [mm]: 50


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