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Pneumatic Formwork

Light, flexible, and functional PU-TS pneumatic formwork allows to make a compensation and repair layer from fastsetting poured masses based on cement or polyester resins that constitute as a foundation for assembly of TVR T System sewage manhole and street drain surface finials. It is also used to secure sewage system against contamination during the execution of disassembly works of damaged well finials.


INDEXWEIGHT [kg]Śred. wew. Dn [mm]Użyteczna wysokość szalowaniaH[mm]
INDEX: PU-TS 500WEIGHT [kg]: -Śred. wew. Dn [mm]: 450÷500Użyteczna wysokość szalowania: 150H[mm]: 200
INDEX: PU-TS 600WEIGHT [kg]: -Śred. wew. Dn [mm]: 600Użyteczna wysokość szalowania: 150H[mm]: 200
INDEX: PU-TS 625WEIGHT [kg]: -Śred. wew. Dn [mm]: 625Użyteczna wysokość szalowania: 150H[mm]: 200


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