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A set of support elements for telescope manholes and drains (with the body flange outer diameter of 500mm, models: Kaczmarek, Bohamet, Norson 110/1) with simultaneous relief of the corrugated pipe rising the DN425 wells. Installed around the DN425 well on a stabilised compacted substructure/road structure. In a bituminous surface, it can be flush with the wearing layer or embedded in the load-bearing layer as a lost element (indirect support of the telescope manhole, compacted bitumen mass between the manhole flange and the top of the supporting adapter, 3÷5 cm thick).


INDEXWEIGHT [kg]IN. DIA. Dn [mm]OUT. DIA. Dz [mm]HEIGHT H [mm]
INDEX: TXP/480/425/230WEIGHT [kg]: 30IN. DIA. Dn [mm]: 425/480OUT. DIA. Dz [mm]: 580/610HEIGHT H [mm]: 222


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