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Supporting adapter for the following types of drains: 300x500 drains of the BEGU and Europa types, 400x600 roadway and kerb drains, 400x600 roadway and kerb drains with a 270x395 outlet, laid directly on DN450 and DN500 concrete rainwater wells, plastic compensation rings of the T1 and T2/500 types. It is also a drain supporting element with the function of relieving plastic rainwater wells and DN400 outlets (Wavin, Romold, and Pipelife types). The TX/650/395/P adapter can be used as a kerb element after being cut on site to the size of 490mm (on wells, plastic drains).


INDEXWEIGHT [kg]IN. DIA. Dn [mm]OUT. DIA. Dz [mm]HEIGHT H [mm]
INDEX: TX/650/395/PWEIGHT [kg]: 21,0IN. DIA. Dn [mm]: 395OUT. DIA. Dz [mm]: 650HEIGHT H [mm]: 90


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